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Production notes from the Director, Amy Pickard

2021 GT:OFTR UPDATE! The movie is now available to stream as part of the Coda Collection on Amazon Prime in America!
Check it out and if you can, write a recent review! What a kick to have the movie available for streaming!


Hello and Goodbye Glennmovie peeps!

Hello AND goodbye? Yes, this diary entry will be my final diary entry for 2007 is the year that Glenn is having his 30th anniversary of making records, his 50th birthday and, of course, the triumphant Squeeze reunion! This year also marks my 15th year of friendship with Glenn and the 6th anniversary (almost to the day as I write this) of having this crazy documentary idea pop into my head. Seeing Squeeze at the Greek Theater here in Los Angeles provided a lovely full-circle moment for me. My DVD was displayed proudly alongside the Squeeze merch and it hit me that I have played my part in Squeeze and Glenn history and it's time to focus all that Squeeze-tastic energy elsewhere. It was warm feelings all around when I saw the band together again and the time seems right to move on. The website itself will still remain active because I really feel the GT:OFTR DVD is evergreen. With each Glenn solo tour and now, with each subsequent Squeeze tour, my DVD will live on and people will continue to stumble onto it and may want to find out more by heading over to! And, as I said in the DVD commentary, I'm always available via email on the site. I'm having an everything must go sale over at the merch/cafe press site and prices are lowered before the merch page will be taken down all together so get in there while you can!!

The movie and diary may be done and dusted, but those movie credit card bills still keep coming so I'm keeping my Pay Pal icon up on my site in case any of you win the lottery and are feeling generous!!

If any of you use, please bookmark and THEN click on our link. If you do that, I'll get a small referral fee from whatever you order.

Buy it from

My Squeeze memory is almost full and I look forward to whatever rock and roll adventures are around the corner. A few thank-you's are in order. THANK YOU: Squeeze for providing the soundtrack to my life. Jacob Ellis for looking after my site for all these years. Suz, my roommate for enduring years of my glennmovie pain by osmosis. Jeff Rubin for editing my movie. Suzanne Hunt for all the laughs and the help. Fans for being so patient during the completion of the film and for your continued support and enthusiasm once it came out. Chris Difford for helping with the road map And, to Glenn for trusting me to tell his story and for teaching me a lot. Hmmm, who was it that sang, ... the past has been bottled and labeled with love? I think it's a lovely sentiment and very appropriate indeed.

Rock On,


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