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Featured Radio Interviews:

Interview - Jonathan Ross Radio Show - BBC Radio 2 (UK) - February 2, 2006 (MP3 2.79MB)

Interview - The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show - Virgin Radio (UK) - January 31, 2006 (MP3 2.59MB)

Interview - David Jensen - Capital Gold (UK) - January 28, 2006 (MP3 8.75MB)

Interview - Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music (UK) - January 23, 2006 (MP3 11.2MB)

Interview - Robert Elms - BBC London (UK) - January 23, 2006 (MP3 5.4MB)


Review - 4/5 stars - Film Threat (USA) - February 15, 2007


Glenn Tilbrook To Appear With RockWiz Orchestra - (Australia) - February 15, 2007


This year, watch what you watch - Sun-Sentinel (USA) - January 7, 2007
DVD resolutions for 2007: Some antidotes for disc-gust - Chicago Tribune (USA) - January 2, 1007


Tilbrook Considers Mobile Home Trek Again - PR Inside (Australia) - September 18, 2006


Tilbrook Loves Intimate Shows That Terrified Squeeze Partner - PR Inside (Australia) - September 18, 2006


Films keep up the tempo - St. Paul Pioneer Press (USA) - September 7, 2006


Review - Shindig! Magazine (UK) - August 2006


Review - Audiophile Audition (USA) - August 24, 2006


Review - Progressive Broadcast Service (Australia) - August 2006


Review - (USA) - July 6, 2006


Review - HARP Magazine (USA) - June 2006


Cruising for Cats - Motor Caravan Magazine - Interview


Cool cruising for cats - Motor Caravan Magazine (UK) - May 2006
(PDF 594k)
Review - The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia) - May 1, 2006


Squeezing in those tiny venues - New York Daily News (USA) - April 21, 2006


Review - Il Popolo Del Blues (Italy) - March 2006


Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road - Magnet Magazine -Interview


Squeeze Play: Glenn Tilbrook Gets In The RV - Magnet  Magazine (US) - March 2006
(PDF 250k)

Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road - Music Mart Magazine - Review


Review - Music Mart  Magazine (UK) - March 2006
(PDF 322k)
Review - EAR FARM (USA) - March 31, 2006


One for the Road: Squeeze's Tilbrook rockumentary debuts on VH1 - Boise Weekly (USA) - March 22, 2006


Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road - Mojo Magazine - Review


Review - 4 stars - Mojo Magazine (UK) - March 2006
(PDF 78k)
It's Who You Know - The Portland Mercury (USA) - March 16, 2006

A new documentary, filmed partly in Portland, will debut March 22 on VH1 Classics. Based around Squeeze singer/songwriter Glenn Tilbrook, Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road was directed by Squeeze friend/fan Amy Pickard and shows Tilbrook touring the country and going about his life post-stardom. Pickard explains, "Here was this quintessentially English pop star who once sold out Madison Square Garden, touring in an RV and staying in trailer parks instead of fancy hotels. The reality is you have to be creative in trying to get your music out these days and Glenn works really hard at introducing himself to people as a solo artist."


Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road - The Word - Bringing It All Back Home


Bringing It All Back Home - Word Magazine (UK) - March 2006
(PDF 1232k)

Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road - Classic Rock - review


Review - 7/10 - Classic Rock (UK) - March 2006
(PDF 103k)

Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road - Music Week - review


Review - Music Week (UK) - March 2006
(PDF 110k)
Review - PLAYBACK:stl (USA) - February 27, 2006


Glenn Tilbrook: My Life In Travel - The Independent (UK) February 18, 2006


Gig of a lifetime: Glenn Tilbrook - Daily Telegraph (UK) - February 16, 2006


Ex-Squeeze star hits road with filmmaker friend - Chicago Tribune (USA) - February 14, 2006


Review - Grade: A - Cincinnati CityBeat (USA) - February 8, 2006


Interview - Jonathan Ross Radio Show - BBC Radio 2 (UK) - February 2, 2006 (MP3 2.79MB)


Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road - The Word - review


One day all pop stars will travel like this - Word Magazine (UK) - February 2006
(PDF 220k)
Review - 3˝/5 stars - Paste Magazine (USA) - February 2006

It happens to the best of bands. The fickle music industry shifts, popularity wanes, and former stadium headliners become has-beens, playing to small crowds in tiny venues. For Glenn Tilbrook, lead singer and songwriter for '80s New Wave favorites Squeeze, it could have been catastrophic. But as this fine documentary shows, Tilbrook is alive and well, casting a quizzical eye over the surreal, downsized proceedings, and having the time of his life. Director Pickard traveled with Tilbrook throughout his Fall 2001 solo tour, and captured the ordinary, mundane and sometimes magical moments that comprise touring life. The concert footage is fine, and reminds us how great those Squeeze songs really were. But the real highlights are a temperamental RV that breaks down several times during the course of the tour, a guest shot on an early morning news program where Tilbrook performs just before the Pet of the Week segment, and Tilbrook's eternally bemused outlook on life. Great fun. -- Andy Whitman


Review - 3/5 stars - Uncut Magazine (UK) - February 2006

Over two hours spent in the company of the former Squeeze frontman, trailing around small town America, in an old campervan? Hardly the most enticing proposition, but director Amy Pickard’s eye for surreal detail makes this an engaging study of a lapsed pop star adjusting to life beyond limos, groupies, flash hotels. Tilbrook himself, makes for amiable company and stark solo renditions of those kitchen sink hits “Up The Junction” “Take Me I’m Yours” “Black Coffee In Bed” provide boundless delight.


Interview - The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show - Virgin Radio (UK) - January 31, 2006 (MP3 2.59MB)


Interview - David Jensen - Capital Gold (UK) - January 28, 2006 (MP3 8.75MB)


Review - 5/5 stars - The Sun (UK) - January 27, 2006

Here's a breath of fresh air. Rather than just slapping together a few old videos and live performances for his music DVD, the Squeeze man has allowed those prying cameras into every area of his touring life.

And it's certainly not all glamour on the road as Glenn makes his way across America - and its campsites - on his first solo tour.

Put together by a massive Squeeze fan, it's more intimate, detailed and entertaining than most other similar releases. And it also shows that the pop star existence isn't all about champagne, silk sheets and adoring groupies. 5/5


A Filmmaker's Love Song - The Washington Post (USA) - January 27, 2006


Review - Miami New Times (USA) - January 26, 2006

Amy Pickard's road movie is a delightful thing, as modest as its star and just as charming. Indeed, Glenn Tilbrook actually is the hell-of-a-guy he comes off as here -- a man who, as co-singer and co-songwriter in Squeeze, used to sell out arenas, but is delighted nowadays to lead a packed club in a rousing sing-along of "Tempted" or "Goodbye Girl" that ends up in, oh, a parking lot or somebody's house. The doc's full of those funny moments, as Tilbrook and his gal-pal/manager tour the States in an RV, mingling with the common folk, who treat him like their best friend. The movie's best moment occurs in a trailer park outside Dallas, where Tilbrook small-talks some folks who flip when they find out who he is. The music's stellar, too, a collection of Squeeze best-ofs and Tilbrook's solo stuff, which is no less essential. -- Wilonsky

Nicely tuned - The Daily Telegraph (UK) - January 25, 2006


"I'd film him brushing his teeth" - The Guardian (UK) - January 24, 2006


Review - Detroit Free Press (USA) - January 24, 2006
Charlotte Observer (USA) - January 26, 2006


Interview - Tom Robinson - BBC 6 Music (UK) - January 23, 2006 (MP3 11.2MB)


Interview - Robert Elms - BBC London (UK) - January 23, 2006 (MP3 5.4MB)


Recommended -The DVD - Observer Monthly Music (UK) - January 22, 2006

Early on, we're reminded that Squeeze once played Madison Square Gardens; now we see the band's great vocalist touring the US in a camper van. But is Tilbrook downcast? Not on the evidence of this warming portrait.


Dayton filmmaker makes musical obsession a movie - Cincinnati Enquirer (USA) - January 22, 2006


Filmmaker follows rocker's offbeat tour around the country - Cleveland Plain Dealer (USA) - January 21, 2006


Dayton native's documentary released - Dayton Daily News (USA) - January 20, 2006


Cruising with the Master: Dayton director's Glenn Tilbrook DVD debuts next week - The Cleveland Free Times (USA) - January 17, 2006


Review - digitallyOBSESSED! (USA) - January 16, 2006



Review - 4/5 stars - Record Collector (UK) - January 2006
(PDF 119k)
Review - Guitar Magazine (UK) - January 2006

As the powerhouse behind Squeeze, Tilbrook and his songwriting partner Chris Difford mined a rich vein of classic and quirky pop. This DVD chronicles Tilbrook's first solo tour of the US, and the joys of being a quintessentially English pop star traversing America soon become apparent (five-star hotels and big tour buses are eschewed in favour of a mobile home and campsites). This has all the hallmarks of an alt.classic road movie - and that's before you get to the music. Included here, alongside his criminally underrated new material, is footage of stellar performances of Squeeze classics such as Up The Junction, Tempted and Hourglass. Seeing Tilbrook in full flow is a heartwarming experience and seeing him undertaking the kind of schedule that would break musicians half his age makes you root for him all the more.


Alumna Works With Rock Icon - Wright State University Guardian (USA) - May 2005


“A very funny, unique travelogue that stays with you long after the credits roll.”  - Ian Gittins, Q Magazine (UK)



When Squeeze fan Amy Pickard decided to film GT during his one man American tour, she was looking for an excuse to legitimise what she jokingly describes as 'stalking' her hero. Yet first time filmmaker Pickard's portrait of Tilbrook is charming, genuinely heart warming and follows him as he works his way across the US in 2001, to promote his debut solo LP. Pickard is righteously miffed at the record industry who, having profited by Tilbrook's early work in Squeeze, have now left him with no option but to take the independent route.

In the spirit of a traveling troubadour, he plans to travel from gig to gig in a mobile home but on arriving in NYC the vehicle is nowhere to be found. Unbowed, Tilbrook goes on the road playing small shows to the faithful. At one date, whilst performing 'Goodbye Girl' he leads the audience into the street where they all join in song together. One has the rare sense that Tilbrook is performing for the love of music and the rapport with the crowd rather than the lure of money. Happily, he realises his mobile home dream and gets a mighty Cruise Master after signing autographs at the dealership. It breaks down 30 minutes after leaving the lot, but is fixed by Christmas. This is a December kind of film, a pleasant surprise that enables one to leave cynicism at the door and simply enjoy.


Interview - Liz Kershaw Radio Show - BBC Radio 6 (UK) - October 2, 2004 (MP3 1999k)



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