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Production notes from the Director, Amy Pickard


July 24 2007

Hooty Hoot Glennmovie peeps!

What a busy few months we’ve had. Before we get to all of the ROCK gossip, I want to announce that there will be a screening of GT:OFTR in Baltimore, Maryland! If you live nearby in DC, or Virginia, do pop in to say hello. The rather fantastic Baltimore Music Conference invited GT:OFTR to screen on Thursday, August 2nd at 9:00pm at the Cinema Lounge on the 3rd Floor at GARDEL’S. The screening is at 9pm and we’re going to do a Q and A afterwards and then there is a fun 80’s costume after party at 10:30pm. There will be lots of Squeeze music of course, dancing to the rockin’ sounds of the 80’s, prizes for best 80’s outfit, drink specials, (I’d like to suggest a refreshing Cruisemaster Cocktail!), raffles and giveaways. The cost is $5 for movie only/$10 after party only/$12 movie and party! The bad news is, it’s on a school night, but the good news is, it should be a right larf! And, what better way to gear up for Squeeze’s appearance in Baltimore just one week later?? More information can be found at or Now...where are my pink converse?

I attended the fab Crowded House warm-up gig in Pomona, CA and it was highly enjoyable. The band sounded fantastic and they seemed happy to be onstage and grateful that they had the opportunity to share the love! The crowd sang along often and even Neil was surprised at how in tune everyone was while we were singing our guts out for him! They have a new album “Time On Earth”, which I’ve yet to purchase, but it is definitely on my wish list. They were ‘warming up’ for their appearance at the music festival Coachella. Coachella takes place in the desert every year in Indio, California. It was my first time at the festival and I was prepared for oppressive heat, sore legs and feet, dehydration and lots of queuing for the loos: all things that I frown upon in my old age. But, I had a VIP press/photo pass and found the whole festival to be incredibly enjoyable and amazing. Some of the highlights for me: The Feeling, Crowded House, Willie Nelson and Explosions in the Sky. I was down in the pit taking pics for the first few songs. Rage Against the Machine were headlining the day we went and let’s just say that they were raging against everyone but the Machine. I noticed a dark, angry energy take over the crowd ‘round about Willie Nelson’s set, which the first 80 rows of Rage fans completely ignored. By the time CH bounded onstage after Willie, the crowd were restless and Raging Against Any Band That Wasn’t Rage. As Neil Finn opened the show to my fave CH song “When You Come”, I was overwhelmed with happiness because I was five feet in front of the band in the pit... until I got beaned upside the back of the head with a full bottle of water thrown by a Rage fan. Warm feeling over! Showing my age, I was most excited about the CH reunion at Coachella... whereas everyone else under 35 were there to see Rage. Oh well! Neil got hit by a water bottle later as well, but I buffered the first tag for him! No need to thank me Neil.

In other news-the Squeeze gigs have begun and apparently, they’ve been fantastic! All Squeeze news can be found on but of course, my personal favorite is! Glenn and Chris have certainly made the UK radio/press rounds in support of the “Essential Squeeze” and it’s great to really feel a tangible groundswell of Squeeze love taking place. Lily Allen, The View, and now Travis are doing covers of Squeeze songs and it’s about damn time!!

I saw The Police in concert at Dodger Stadium. Some of you may remember the love fest that was The Police press conference/rehearsal at the Whisky A Go Go in February. Well, yes, they rocked in person... in February... from the front row.. in a tiny club. Did they rock at Dodger Stadium? Not so much. I was not rocked in the least. So, I’d just like to send out a personal “WHAT ARE YOU GUYS THINKING???” message to Sting and the boys. The tour was advertised as no new material... just hit after luscious Police hit. No backing horns or dancing ladies. Perfect. Just the ROCK. I was freaking out with joy over seeing all the merchandise for the tour - they were rocking it old school in all the shirts and posters with images of the band from the 80’s. That led me to believe that I was going to be in for a real treat. I knew my seats were horrible and that the sound in the stadium would be less than stellar. However, I was traumatized over the neutering.... the castration.... the complete lack of rational thinking over the way they decided to present their back catalogue. Not one single Police song played that night was in the original tempo or key. Every single song was filled with jazzy, noodly bullshit. (yeah, I said it!) My concert mate and I were playing “Guess the Police song” when each one started and we couldn’t guess any of them because they were so unrecognizable!

I was excited to see three musicians at the peak of their musicianship, kicking the asses of all the young bands out there. What I found was on par with a Kenny G show. The main thought that ran through my mind was that Squeeze would NEVER do this to their fans. For those Police sycophants who are gearing up to email me in angry protest - shut up. I didn’t go expecting versions identical to the albums. What I expected was rock and roll not easy listening smooth jazz. Squeeze play the hits but with extra added goodness.... they don’t play their songs in such a way that you can’t recognize them anymore! Sting... listen up... pay attention to Glenn and Chris.

The highlight of my life so far: I was lucky enough to see Paul McCartney’s ‘secret’ gig in Los Angeles. Macca decided to do a few ickle gigs to promote his new album “Memory Almost Full”. I really admire Paul for taking his career to the next level. He’s thinking outside the box by signing to the Starbucks label, premiering a video on You Tube, blogging, posting videos online, providing giveaways and contests online for the fans, etc... He’s proactive when he doesn’t have to be and I think he’s fab. Seeing him live, in a tiny record store (Amoeba Records in Hollywood) from about 30 feet away was an amazing, exhilarating, inspiring experience. It’s easy to dog on Paul for his thumbs aloft persona, but when you see him so close in such an intimate gig, you realize that he’s an amazing musician and he fucking rocks. He shredded the bass on “Drive My Car” and “Only Mama Knows”. My head blew off of my body when he rocked “I’ve Got a Feeling” and went into the screechy Paul bits of “OH YEAH!!”. Ringo was there a few rows over from me and it added to the special feeling in the room. Tears were shed, we sang along, we nodded our heads and we all felt very grateful. It still blows my tiny mind when I think about it. I wish Paul could play more tiny surprise gigs. I think it would reinstate his ‘bad ass’-ness. Yep, he’s old enough to be my dad, but he ROCKED. I left thinking that there IS nothing you can do that can't be done!

So please everyone, have a safe and fun summer. Squeeze are touring the US and you’ll be able to buy the GT:OFTR DVD at the merch stand if you haven’t bought it already!! Spread the glennmovie love while you’re at the shows. Recommended ever so casual conversation in the beer line between two of you:

Squeeze fan #1: (loudly) “Gosh that critically acclaimed feel good DVD “Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road” sure is a fine movie.”

Squeeze fan #2: (even louder) “Do you mean the documentary that follows Glenn on his first solo tour of America in an unreliable RV?”

Squeeze fan #1: “Yes! I not only bought the DVD, but I watched it when it aired on VH1Classic. It also features live, acoustic versions of all the Squeeze songs we know and love!”

Squeeze fan #2: “ I heard that it was fabulous, but where can I buy it so I can watch it repeatedly without ever leaving my house?”

Squeeze fan #1: “After we get our beers and corn dogs, we can go over to the Squeeze merch table. They are selling it there for a very convenient, low low price. It’s worth every penny!”

Squeeze fan #2: “That is a great idea!!!! And you know what? I’m going to post a review on Netflix AND Amazon after I watch this fantastic film to spread the love even more!”

and... scene. You could also have a similar conversation in the bathroom, in the line at the merch stand, (Hey, even if you have the DVD, pretend you don’t and ask the merch guy about it so others will hear you talking about it. Talk it up people!)

Thanks y’all!!!

See you at the Squeeze shows!

wif luv,


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