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Production notes from the Director, Amy Pickard


April 24, 2007

Okay Glennmovie PEOPLE! LISTEN UP! We've got some important news to announce..... er... again... after the original announcement last month, that is. SQUEEZE ARE REUNITING PEOPLE! FO RILLS!!!! And, there's a new fabulous website you can go to for all the latest info!

After what could arguably be called the most 'subtle' band reunion announcement ever, Glenn and Squeeze are reuniting as Squeeze to support Universal's re-release campaign of the entire Squeeze back catalogue. A greatest hits compilation is going to be released in the UK on April 30th called "The Essential Squeeze". The lineup has yet to be announced officially but it's going to be John Bentley on bass guitar, the leggy supermodel Simon Hanson on drums, and the insanely charismatic Stephen Large on keyboards! Oh yeah, and Glenn and Chris of course! Ooh, can you imagine "Slap and Tickle" with Difford, Tilly, AND Stephen Large rocking it? I can hardly contain my excitement. They're touring the US in July and August and then the UK in December. Some of you may remember the fantabulous 'countdown clock' we here at used to countdown the moments until GT:OFTR was released on DVD in January of 2006! Well, we thought that only a very special occasion merited the return of the countdown clock...and that occasion is the Squeeze reunion and their firs gig in 2007!

Also released on April 30th will be "The Past Has Been Bottled": Glenn's demos for the classic Squeeze album "East Side Story"! I was lucky enough to have Glenn download all of his demos onto my iPod and they are insightful, fascinating, riveting, and enjoyable!!! A must have for diehard fans! Details of this release can be found on the outstanding myspace page:, which leads us to the outstanding website! All sorts of Glenn, Chris, Squeeze stuff on there. You can check out the cover of Glenn's Australian EP and since David Bailey is THE Squeeze archivist working on the Universal re-releases, he has all the goss you need and more! A big thanks to David from all Squeeze fans for his passionate and informative sites! Enjoy!

Now, I need to ask a huge favor of all you listers. You know I've mentioned how much I love the English tea shop in New York City Tea and Sympathy? Nicky and Sean, the owners (and Glenn's good mates) have mounted a campaign to make their little area in NYC officially named "Little Britain"! NYC has Chinatown and LA has Koreatown... but why not a new neighborhood called Little Britain??? As it happens, a load of British businesses have opened up around Tea and Sympathy in NYC and with the help of a little known British company called VIRGIN, we need as many people on our petition as possible to make the Little Britain dream a reality. There's a funny little clip on the site explaining everything (click on the Party Political Broadcast) and you Brits will most certainly swell with pride whilst watching it. (Steady!) Go to the website to sign the petition and learn more about the campaign: I know you Brits are a proud, patriotic bunch... I've seen you on holiday in your union jack attire - so gather up all your mates and sign the petition!!!! Little Britain needs YOU!!! And when you visit the Big Apple, you'll have an 'official' home away from home!!

Glenn is touring the UK solo acoustic in May so check out his website for the details! Apparently, the Australian tour has been going well and the screening of GT:OFTR in Melbourne went down a treat. Hoorah!

I made a quick jaunt to the Midwest to spend Easter with my family and lo and behold, the Feeling happened to be playing three times while I was there! It would be rude not to attend a concert for my very favorite band of the moment when they are in the same city that I am and they didn't even call security when they saw me rocking out to them for the uh... fourth time! The Feeling are on this VH1 tour in the US with Matt Kearney and Rocco Deluca but they manage to blow the other two artists offstage every single time. Definitely catch them live if you can and if you haven't already, pick up their lovely debut "Twelve Stops and Home". Not a clunker track on that CD!!!! I will admit to feeling slightly ancient whilst attending the Feeling shows since they are on a sensitive singer/songwriter bill that is attracting the young laydeez. You know you're old when you hope that the Feeling are getting enough to eat and wrapping up warm on their US tour rather than asking them to sign your chest at an in-store! Great album, great band, great live show.

I'm off to see the reformed Crowded House in LA soon and am looking forward to that. Yes, there have been rumors-a-flyin' about who will tour with Squeeze but according to Pollstar the lucky devils are Fountains of Wayne! Talk about a poptastic tour! Check your local dates because FoW are not touring with Squeeze on EVERY date but nyaa nyaa to everyone since I live in LA and FoW will be rocking the Greek with Squeeze out here! Hoorah! Can my sweet tooth for clever pop music take this poplicious double bill? Yes!! Can't wait. Perfect pairing. Squeeze-n-Fountains of Wayne sittin' in a tree, etc..... I spoke to Chris C., the lead singer of FoW, and he said that touring with Squeeze is a dream come true and that the band are really amped up for the tour. I know Chris and FoW are huge Squeeze fans. Chris came to my screening at Tribeca and Glenn sang "Is That Love" with them when they played the Garage in Islington. Chris sounded VERY excited on the phone - how delightful! Also, don't forget to catch Elvis Costello in May on his US tour. Universal are also re-releasing a Greatest Hits package for EC (gosh, they're busy!) and what a shame Universal didn't put the Squeeze/EC thing together! A live Stiffs tour in 2007 would have been pretty amazing! But. do catch Pete Thomas rocking the drums, Steve Nieve rocking the keys and Davey Faragher rocking the bass on tour as the Imposters with Elvis in May.

Squeeze are hitting the road PEOPLE!!! Put on your NASA diaper/nappy, hit the road and let the Squeeze stalking begin!

What a lovely treat for all of us to revisit one of THE most brilliant back catalogues in the history of pop music. Thanks Glenn and Chris! We heart you! And so does Lily Allen. Click here to listen to her version of Up the Junction.

Rock On,


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