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Glenn on Tour 2001 ] Noise Pop Festival 2004 ] Raindance Film Festival London 2004 ] [ Tribeca, New York 2004 ] Glenn on Public Access 2004 ] DVD Promotion Tour UK / USA ] New York 2006 ] The Police 2007 ] Squeeze Reunion L2007 ]

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Amy dances during the end credits!

Amy laughs at Glenn's coiled spring posture

Glenn possessed by Satan during Q&A


Screenings make Glenn's head hurt

Hero Anthony Gigante, Lovely Nicky Perry and Amy

Poplicious triple decker sarnie!
Chris from Fountains of Wayne, Glenn, Amy and John Wesley Harding

You are under the Fountains of Wayne spell!

Amy and Sunshine

Fluffer sandwich: Lucy, Amy and Stephen

Post screening CORN at Cafe Habana!

Delicious Welsh Rarebit from T&S NY

Nicky and Amy at Tea and Sympathy



Old group photo


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