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Glenn on Tour 2001 ] Noise Pop Festival 2004 ] Raindance Film Festival London 2004 ] Tribeca, New York 2004 ] Glenn on Public Access 2004 ] [ DVD Promotion Tour UK / USA ] New York 2006 ] The Police 2007 ] Squeeze Reunion L2007 ]

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Glenn in an Amy sarnie at VH1Classic Studio (they never ran this interview!!?)

"Do you *%@ing want some?"

My DVD at HMV/London!

Casually happening upon my DVD the day it came out!

Amy forces a humiliated Glenn to pose

A champagne toast before the BBC Radio 6 interview!

Amy and Glenn at the BBC on the day the DVD was released.
Neither of us thought that day would come!

Chris Difford provides a shoulder to smile on.

Amy and Yoko - Glenn's Japanese promoter and OFTR distributor!

Amy and bessie mate Jonathan Ross at the BBC.

One of my fave pics of GT in the RV!



Old group photo


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