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Glenn on Tour 2001 ] Noise Pop Festival 2004 ] Raindance Film Festival London 2004 ] Tribeca, New York 2004 ] Glenn on Public Access 2004 ] DVD Promotion Tour UK / USA ] New York 2006 ] The Police 2007 ] [ Squeeze Reunion L2007 ]

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Simon shoots the marquee in Anaheim

My GT:OFTR DVD on sale at the Squeeze merch table!

Marquee at the Greek-LA

Chris from FoW

Lovely John Bentley

You lookin' at me?

Glenn rocking the Greek

Squeeze are behind me!!

Hand me the five bucks you owe me

A rainbow of happiness

Glenn and GT:OFTR editor Jeff

The GT:OFTR team: together for the first time!

Jason Falkner and Chris

Front row Squeeze closure!



Old group photo


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