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What Is Glenn Tilbrook: One for the Road?


Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road” is the perfect film for dreamers, music fans… and open road enthusiasts everywhere.

Ever wondered what it would be like to go on a cross-country tour with a rock star?  Filmmaker Amy Pickard did and made a movie about it.  Expecting luxury tour buses and five star hotels, she found Glenn Tilbrook, the former lead singer of Squeeze, touring in a mobile home and bedding down in roadside campgrounds. 

This intimate documentary follows Tilbrook on every step of his first solo tour of America in his beloved - but not so reliable - home on wheels.  From the search for his missing RV; adventures with engine repair and exploding generators, to a musical house call that one fan will never forget: All access, all of the time.

It’s the story of how an established artist adjusts to his independent surroundings.  It’s a commentary on the current state of the music industry. But, most importantly, it’s a human-interest story that transcends its musical base.

Includes exclusive live acoustic performances of Squeeze hits “Tempted”, “Black Coffee In Bed”, “Take Me I’m Yours”, “Up The Junction”, “Hourglass” and more.

DVD Special Features:

  • A never before seen interview with Squeeze lyricist Chris Difford from 2002

  • Amy Pickard’s 1991 public access interview with Glenn and Chris for her Dayton, Ohio music video show

  • Glenn’s audio commentary

  • Director commentary

  • Glenn's Q&A from the Tokyo screening!


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