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The One For The Road Book


One For The Road by Amy Pickard is the story of
one fan, one man, two guitars, and an RV!

Director Amy Pickard has written a companion book to the film Glenn Tilbrook: One For The Road and is currently looking for a publisher and a literary agent! One For The Road is an extensive journal chronicling the trip of a lifetime: a fan turned first-time filmmaker who suddenly finds herself on the road with her musical hero.

This companion book offers detailed, often humorous insight into do-it-yourself filmmaking, along with glimpses into Glenn's personal and professional life.

One For the Road is an intimate look at the orchestration, complete with the bliss and frustration, involved with being on tour and making a documentary film. There is a palpable excitement that is pervasive in Pickard's journal-style narrative, stemming from her ardent enthusiasm for Glenn's music, and from the exuberant energy surrounding his solo American tour.

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